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Let your friends curate for you

Pick your category and we’ll instantly whip up a unique list of content based on the favorites of only people you follow

You can filter your list by genre, year, cuisine type, book length, price, language - you name it. We’ll also remove anything you already rated so your list is always up to date and relevant

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Build a library of past and future experiences

Rate your favorite things, and we will automatically build a library for you. Then you can always find your favorite spots, or steer clear of those boring bars

As you explore your friends great recommendation, you can bookmark them, and save for later! This way you will always be able to find a great movie, or a cool restaurant right when you need it

For a little extra something something you can add a snazzy description (👁️ ❤️ PODCASTS) and a link to your IG profile

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Find your next great experience easily

See all your friend’s favorite restaurants or bars neatly organized on a map. We’ll even mark your own bookmarks in a bright shiny green color so you will never miss a bookmark again

Deep-dive into any place and swipe through the pictures before you take your pick. Let your friends guide you with detailed reviews or simply look up restaurant contacts details or opening times

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Compete and earn badges

Rate all your favorites and earn badges within any of our eight badge categories

You can keep track of all the countries or cities you’ve visited, earn all 20 author badges within the Bookworm category or compete for all the 20 movie director badges

Can you earn them all?


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