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The Guesthouse


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About the bar



1321 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803, USA



The Infatuation

4 months ago


Per the name, The Guesthouse looks and feels like the pool house of someone’s friend who lives in a much cooler neighborhood than you, and will make you wonder, “How can I make my apartment look more like this?” It’s all of this, plus the excellent cocktails, that makes this spot in Mills 50 one of the most popular new bars in the city. You can stop by during their daily Happy Hour from 4-8pm, which includes everything on the menu for half off, and if you want to make a night out of coming here, a few food trucks park outside of The Guesthouse most nights of the week, too.


Eater image

8 months ago


Quality quaffs in pretense-free digs is lure enough for liquorists to the Guesthouse in Mills 50. By day, the large square bar at the space’s core is bathed in sunlight and potted plants happily photosynthesize around its perimeter. By night, the bar takes on an ethereal complexion as guests purposefully sip between two ferns (or more) and barkeeps swizzle and shake potent potables of the highest order. Out on the back parking lot, an Airstream trailer serving cocktails keeps the party going.