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How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence

2018 . Non-fiction, Science, History . Michael Pollan

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About the book


Could psychedelic drugs change our worldview? One of America's most admired writers takes us on a mind-altering journey to the frontiers of human consciousness When LSD was first discovered in the 1940s, it seemed to researchers, scientists and doctors as if the world might be on the cusp of psychological revolution. It promised to shed light on the deep mysteries of consciousness, as well as offer relief to addicts and the mentally ill. But in the 1960s, with the vicious backlash against the counter-culture, all further research was banned. In recent years, however, work has quietly begun again on the amazing potential of LSD, psilocybin and DMT. Could these drugs in fact improve the lives of many people? Diving deep into this extraordinary world and putting himself forward as a guinea-pig, Michael Pollan has written a remarkable history of psychedelics and a compelling portrait of the new generation of scientists fascinated by the implications of these drugs. How to Change Your Mind is a report from what could very well be the future of human consciousness.






Allen Lane


0241294223 (ISBN13: 9780241294222)



Bennett Richter

5 months ago


How to change your mind was a very interesting book and the author Michael Pollen is clearly an expert in the field of Psychedelic research as an end goal to cure people with depression and PTSD. I would strongly recommend this book to friends and family that are interesting in the emerging Renaissance of psychedelic study in health care.


Joachim Andersen

11 months ago


Very thought provoking and inspiring book about psychedelics, the cultural history behind it and the brand new science of how it potentially can treat mental health problems. Michael Pollan manages to make the subject matter relevant and personal


Kevin Maloney

1 year ago


Fascinating description of the colored history and myriad medical benefits of psychedelic drugs, and the tragic turn of events which killed decades of promising research in this field during the 1950’s and 60’s. Michale Pollan’s writing on the murky, ethereal world of the mind is crystal clear and accessible. Highly recommended for anyone interested in alternative states of consciousness, or mental health in general