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Interviews With the Dead, Part 1

2013 . Collette Sinclaire



About the book


What really happens when we die? Where do we go? Is there a life after death? Is there a heaven? Are ghosts real? Acclaimed Psychic Medium Collette Sinclaire has spent more than 5 years interviewing spirits who have crossed over. In this free mini-book, Collette has interviewed three people who died harrowing deaths, including a savage murder, a drug induced suicide and the final interview in which a bullied young man ended his own life horrifically by self-poisoning. Their riveting accounts will shock you, but as difficult as their deaths were for them, their souls have all found peace in the afterlife. Collette re-lives their vivid memories as they recount their ordeals through her. Come along on her journey as her first interview tells the gruesome details of his brutal murder. Find out what becomes of the man who murdered him in cold blood. Next, you’ll be taken inside the life of a drug addicted youth who kills himself, taking what would be his last step on earth from a balcony. Finally, meet the youth who had buried the pain and shame of being sexually molested and protected himself with weight gain. His heaviness had another effect: he was bullied mercilessly by his peers. The shame, pain and fear of facing his tormentors cause him to choose to end his own life by drinking poison. He haunts his parents as a ghost until his final startling realization. Learn the answers to the eternal questions on everyone’s minds in Interviews With the Dead, Part 1. You’ll find knowledge for both what awaits us after death, and for while we’re living here too.






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