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Barkhausen Noise for Non-destructive Testing and Materials Characterization in Low Carbon Steels

2020 . Science, Physics, Technology & Engineering, Materials Science . Tu Le Manh, Jose Alberto Perez Benitez, Jose Hiram Espina Hernandez, Jose Manuel Hallen




About the book

Barkhausen Noise for Nondestructive Testing and Materials Characterization in Low Carbon Steels presents a balanced approach, reviewing the disadvantages and advantages of using this technique and its comparison over other magnetic testing techniques. In addition, the book looks towards future applications of this technique, in particular, its industrial applications as a method for pipeline inspection, current advantages, and barriers to implementation. The book is suitable for materials scientists, researchers and engineers, and may be applicable for those working in metallurgical plants. Not only does the book discuss fundamentals, it reviews recent discoveries, such as the correlation between magnetocrystalline energy and Barkhausen noise, the modeling of this relationship, and the application of this technique in the characterization of magnetic materials. - Provides detailed explanation for the stochastic and deterministic characteristics of Barkhausen noise - Discusses principles of applying Barkhausen noise as a non-destructive method and magnetic material characterization method - Reviews the advantages and disadvantages of this non-destructive testing technique and compares it to other competitive techniques






Woodhead Publishing




0081028784 (ISBN13: 9780081028780)

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