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108 Incometax Mantras for Tax Saving

2014 . Subhash Lakhotia




About the book

'108 Income-tax Mantras for Tax Saving' is really a very wonderful book which is intended to serve as a guide to every citizen of India in day-to-day handling of varied types of Income-tax matters. With the help of this book, we would be able to know the main provisions of the Income-tax Law as applicable to us, to file our return correctly, to compute our total income and claim necessary deduction properly, and to pay and get the refund of tax in time. This book has been written in a lucid style, so that the complex provisions of the Income-tax Law can easily be grasped by common tax-paying public of India.  Subhash Lakhotia is the Director of 'R.N. Lakhotia and Associates'. He is in the field of income tax for more than 40 years. He is famous for giving valuable suggestions in tax planning, tax documentation and investment planning. The Director of 'Lakhotia College of Taxation and Management', Subhash Lakhotia gives his suggestions through many daily national newspapers. With his famous course 'Zero to Hero in Income Tax', he gives suggestions to people regarding taxation and tax planning and gives benefit to the people through seminars and lecture meetings. His popular TV show named 'Tax Guru' can be viewed on CNBC Awaaz.






Diamond Pocket Books Pvt Ltd




9350839547 (ISBN13: 9789350839546)

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