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Power Games of Life

2013 . Fiction . Suhas Inamdar




About the book

Four childhood friends separate after school life to pursue different careers. They are all successful in their chosen fields. Amit is an ambitious person. His meteoric growth in the corporate world propels him to quit the job and become an entrepreneur. Srikant accidentally joins politics and becomes a minister. He enjoys power and gels with the system. Vikram becomes an engineer and gets disillusioned with the monotonous lifestyle in a manufacturing industry. He quits, becoming a successful motivational speaker. Pankaj is working in an ordinary job when he discovers his flair for teaching and starts coaching classes. But then, what have they sacrificed to attain this success? Are they really happy? In spite of his huge success, why does Amit feel that there is a vacuum in his life? As a motivational speaker, Vikram improves the life of many people, yet why does he suffer in his personal life? Why does Pankaj leave the successful coaching classes and take an entirely different path? Why does Srikant want to leave politics and retire? They all meet in their sixties and evaluate who has been happiest among them. This is a book on human passions and their changing ideologies. It talks about the power games of life.






Partridge Publishing




1482800624 (ISBN13: 9781482800623)

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