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Blue Survivor

2017 . David B. Boyer




About the book

Heartache. Loneliness. Teenage angst and rebellion. Life and death - and all the uncertainty that comes in-between. All these emotions and more are examined in BLUE SURVIVOR, a small but powerful collection of songs and stories and one novella, by author David Boyer, whose novella MYSTERY INDIANA has received wide praise within the Hoosier state for its powerful examination of troubled youth and one author's long journey home in solving the mystery of a young woman's mysterious disappearance in 1975. Short in length but extremely powerful in its impact on the reader, BLUE SURVIVOR very well may elicit long-dormant emotions in the reader they thought they haven't felt in a long time - or they thought they might never feel again. Praise for David Boyer: "This particular work of Mr. Boyer's, though not as replete with dazzling psychological insights as his other works, has a purity and clarity that distinguishes it from the works of other authors who write about the lost and forlorn that makes it not only informative about the human condition, but very much worth reading." "It is coldness that is decidedly absent from David Boyer's heart. As Mr. Boyer's personal friend, I can say authoritatively that he is one of the most goodhearted people I've ever met. And I believe that it is this good-heartedness and consequent honesty that enable him to see the ill will and deceptiveness that lie in the hearts of others and, in particular, in the hearts of the characters that he writes about. I really enjoyed his horror fiction, but with Blue Survivor, he has surpassed even himself in writing ability and versatility."






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