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The Greatest Adventure of All Time

2015 . David Newton




About the book

In the year 2110, fourteen-year-old Val returns home to find that the time machine her father created has returned home without him. Having lost her mother to illness two years earlier, Val decides to use the machine to go back in time to find her father and bring him home. She does a test landing in a remote area of the U.S. in the year 2010 and meets three brothers: sixteen-year-old football star James, thirteen-year-old Luke and an amazing seven-year-old named Wumpy. They decide to join her and help find her father. Val believes her father would have gone back to the first century to see Jesus Christ, who Val's dad considers the most important person in history. Val knows her father wanted to see for himself if the stories about Jesus in the Bible are true. She and the three brothers go back in time to first century Jerusalem and begin the search, looking for Val's dad at some of the major events of Jesus' life. During their quest they meet Jesus and see amazing things. They also have to outwit local authorities and an assortment of villains who threaten to strand them in the first century or - even worse - end their short lives two thousand years before they were born. The adventure is non-stop, but in the end this is a story about friendship and faith and the truth of 1 John 4:18: "Perfect love expels all fear."






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