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Fifth Avenue Famous

2010 . Music, Religious, Genres & Styles, History, United States . Salvatore Basile




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“Fascinating . . . not only a history of arguably the most visible Catholic church in the world, but indeed all New York’s colorful church music landscape.” —Scott Turkington, director, Church Music Association of America Victorian-era divas who were better paid than some corporate chairmen, the boy soprano who grew up to give Bing Crosby a run for his money, music directors who were literally killed by the job—the plot of a Broadway show or a dime-store novel? No, the unique and colorful history of St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Since its inception more than 125 years ago, the Cathedral Choir has been considered the gold standard of liturgical music—an example of artistic excellence that has garnered worldwide renown. Yet behind this stately facade lies an intriguing mix of New York history, star secrets, and high-level office politics that has made the choir not only a source of prime musical entertainment but also fodder for tabloids and periodicals across the nation. In this unique and engaging book, readers are treated to a treasure trove of vibrant characters, from opera stars from around the world to the thousands of volunteer singers who brought their own hopes and dreams—and widely varying musical abilities—to the fabled choir. The Cathedral Choir provides an extraordinary and largely overlooked insight into the history of St. Patrick’s and in Salvatore Basile’s pitch-perfect exploration it becomes a microcosm for the larger trends, upheavals, and events that have made up the history of the city, the nation, and even the world. “Bulges with facts, anecdotes and legend, beautifully woven into a fine narrative covering the period from 1879 to 2010.” —McNeil Robinson, former chair of the organ department, Manhattan School of Music






Fordham Univ Press




0823231895 (ISBN13: 9780823231898)

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