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“Dear Penis, My Love!”

2016 . Fiction, Humorous . Louise Webb




About the book

This delightful book is for the sophisticate who loves the classics but also naughty humor. If Shakespeare were alive today, he would rush out and buy it. This is a delightfully humous work of fiction about a writer by the name of Saul Williams who is obsessed with the penis. His wife Summer is also affected with many mental problems. They are helped by Dr. E. Jack Ulation to become very creative and successful in their respective careers despite their psychological hang-ups. Williams produces all sorts of brilliant plays and short stories. And Summer writes and performs songs that become national favorites. If you like funny parodies, you will get a hoot out of this book. Why? Because Saul writes his own version of some of the most famous novels and plays and of course the penis is always showing up. Yes, Saul does take-offs on the works of William Shakespeare, Herman Melville, Alexandre Dumas Tennessee Williams and Arthur Doyle. Saul even takes on Chaucer with his own tale of pilgrims going on a sacred trip to the water tower in Ketchup City, IL. that is shaped like a ketchup bottle. Why? Because the ketchup can make your penis longer and thicker.






Xlibris Corporation




1524514403 (ISBN13: 9781524514402)

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