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Be Bold! Be Brave!

2019 . Naibe Reynoso




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About the book


Be Bold! Be Brave! 11 Latinas who made U.S. History, Sé Audaz! Sé Valiente! 11 Latinas que hicieron historia en los Estados Unidos, is a bilingual book that highlights 11 Latinas who excelled in their professional careers and made U.S. history by accomplishing something that hadn't been done before in their respective fields which include medicine, science, sports, art and politics. By presenting the true biographical stories of these outstanding Latinas in rhyming verses, young readers will easily follow their journey to success. Each woman's biographical story is written in both Spanish and English to encourage and promote bilingual literacy. Some of the women highlighted include Antonia Novello (first female Surgeon General in the U.S.), Ellen Ochoa (first Latina to go to space), Sonia Sotomayor (first Latina Supreme Court Justice,) Rita Moreno (first Latina to win an Oscar), and Pura Belpre (first Latina to incorporate and promote bilingual literacy in Public Libraries). Other women highlighted include Dolores Huerta, Hilda Solis, Selena, Judy Baca, Maria Hinojosa and Lisa Fernández. The book is meant for girls from ages 5- 9, and will hopefully plant the seed of career options and inspire them to reach their full potential, by seeing others from their own community who have thrived. Be Bold! Be Brave! Hopes to inspire young little girls of all races and ages to pursue their passions, and provide role models for whatever career they dream of. It will also hopefully sparks conversations between young children and their parents about their future professional endeavors.






Con Todo Press




1733710302 (ISBN13: 9781733710305)

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