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9 Sisters Cursed Since Birth

2018 . Biography & Autobiography . Na 'Veah Rose




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About the book

9 Sisters CURSED Since Birth is about Lilith Darkmore, who was a single mother struggling to raise 9 kids in the hard knock life of New York. She practically had no one to turn to because her husband consistently deceived, depressed, devalued, and then deserted her. Her sisters were resentful, and her brothers were barbaric; however, the most hurtful part of it all was that she didnt have a father, and her mother Vivian despised everything about her. She didnt give Lilith that motherly love, them motherly kisses, nor did she hold her hands through all those dark places. The bottom line is that Vivian faltered and failed as a parent. For those reasons, Lilith didnt have the fuel that empowered her to do the impossible because she was nave, vulnerable, and lost in this cruel world, until she found God. But when she became so caught up in her religious life, she didnt realize that her kids were feeling less important. They had no father, barely had a mother, and they were very disturbed about being the unfortunate kids on the block; therefore, they all begin to gradually change. The 9 girls unstable life had triggered the inherited evil blood that was flowing within them, which had a huge impact on their behavior. Thats when the family begin to unravel because the 7 deadly sins had taken control over their souls. Anger conquered them all because they were bitter about the lives they were given; For that reason, Greed defeated them since they desired what they never had and would do anything to get what they wanted. Some of their weaknesses was Slothfulness, for they didnt work hard towards progression due to their persistent ignorance and disadvantages. Yet, Envy played a huge role towards the sisters who made achievements, but in this family, Pride wont let them acknowledge ones accomplishments; instead, Gluttony caused some of them to Lust over and try to destroy what the other sister have because they wanted to feel loved and equally important. These Challenges stand strong in the Daevas family, and the only way to subjugate their sins relies strictly within themselves. So, can their curse be reversed? Or, will it continue to condemn their bloodline, their appearance, and the unity in the Daevas family?










1524659819 (ISBN13: 9781524659813)

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