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Stay Out of Court and Stay in Ministry

1998 . Law, Religion, Christian Church . Clarance E. Hagglund, Britton D. Weimer




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Stay Out Of Court And Stay In Ministry is written to help pastors prevent costly and career-ending lawsuits. It sets forth the most common legal claims asserted against religious organizations, and the defenses churches have successfully raised. ... We describe real-life legal claims against churches and analyze the outcomes, pro or con. We focus on the claims most frequently asserted against churches. Some of the trends defy conventional wisdom. For example, there are few suits for clergy malpractice, but many successful suits for slippery sidewalks. (from the Introduction) Your book should be required reading for every church pastor and primary lay leader, along with the property board chairperson ... excellent illustrations. Rev. Carl Buettemeier Newport Lutheran Church Newport, Minnesota Hagglund and Weimer ... give just enough information to understand and act responsibly. At the same time they do not bury the reader with legalese ... I especially appreciate the list of specific suggestions at the end of each chapter. Rev. Thomas D. Harris St. Nicholas Episcopal Church Richfield, Minnesota I know there are very specific changes I will make in my ministry because of reading this book. Paul D. Johnson Senior Pastor, Woodridge Church National Director of Church Planting, Baptist General Conference Clarance E. Hagglund, J.D., is a litigation attorney practicing primarily in insurance coverage, professional liability, and other complex commercial litigation, trial and appellate. He is a Civil Trial Specialist certified by the National Board of Trial Advocacy; a National Board of Trial Advocacy Director; a Diplomate with the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys; and a member of the Professional Liability Section of the Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel. He is a member of The Basilica of St. Mary, Minneapolis. Britton D. Weimer, J.D., is a litigation attorney practicing primarily in insurance and commercial litigation, trial and appellate. He is licensed to practice law in Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mr. Weimer has authored articles published in Federation of Insurance and Corporate Counsel Quarterly, the Real Estate Law Journal, the Hofstra Property Law Journal, and the Banking Law Journal. He is a member of Woodridge Church in Medina, Minnesota.






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0788011855 (ISBN13: 9780788011856)

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