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Torn & Restored

2017 . Fiction, Mystery & Detective . Austin Williams




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About the book


An ex-magician returns to Vegas to confront his sordid past in one final, decadent showdown—but he may not make it out of Sin City alive . . .   When a mysterious box containing a greeting card, a sheet of textbook paper, three human teeth, and an adult index finger severed just above the knuckle arrives unannounced on Rusty “The Raven” Diamond’s doorstep, he realizes he can no longer hide on the beaches of Maryland. Someone wants Rusty to pay for what he did years before, and if Rusty is going to survive, he’ll need to take the fight to Vegas.   Rusty was once the hottest act on the strip, an illusionist who commanded sellout crowds for his death-defying act. But with bigger risks come bigger enemies, and it seems Rusty has made one of the most sizable enemies the Nevada desert has to offer. A mobster-turned-politician with every resource available aims not only to close the curtain on Rusty, but to make sure he pays dearly beforehand.   Rusty’s final reckoning with his past will draw him into a trap that, even at his most Houdini-esque, he may not be able to escape, in this gripping crime thriller by the author of The Platinum Loop, praised by Publishers Weekly as “pulp fun at its best.”






Diversion Publishing Corp.




1682303101 (ISBN13: 9781682303108)

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