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The Goal Is Life

2016 . Religion, Christian Life . Michael Mavromatis




About the book

If the gospel is intended to set us free, help us discover life, and become more than who we are right now, then why is it that many men struggle with Christianity? Why do so many good men find church so unattractive? Why cant I as a man find my place in this life? Forget about tips and techniques; they are fine if you want to create a spreadsheet, bake a cake, or fix your engine. What we need is to rediscover our design. What was God thinking when He created you as a man? What is His offer? And once we find it, how do we become the men God intended us to be from the very beginning? The gospel is a message of restoration. What we need most is to see our relationship restored with our true Father if we are ever to become the men God sees in us. We must learn to hear His voice. Christianity was never intended to be a religion. However, it was always meant to be a relationship, originating from the heart.






WestBow Press




1512730998 (ISBN13: 9781512730999)

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