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Loose Him and Let Him Go

2016 . Family & Relationships . Bishop John Ekong




About the book

Loose Him and Let Him Go, whose title is drawn from John 11:44, is a complete revelatory work put together on a strong inspiration from the Holy Spirit. It commands a unique and rare revelation on covenant and curse breaking, deliverance from all Satanic oppressions. The mystery of Gods covenant of blessing is founded on the principles of the Word of God. It touches virtually every possible area in human life and history. No one goes through it without credible and unbelievable testimony. A copy in hand is no doubt a complete life-changing, Spirit-filled work of revelation with the capacity to break all spiritual strongholds; reverse all evil spells and captivity; bring an experience of new life, of freedom; and so much more to life, family, community, and nations when followed with the confessional prayer at the end of every chapter. As you read, meditate with great expectations. God is committed to the revelation to deal with the root cause of all your negative experiences. My congratulations for your undeniable and unexplainable miracles, every one of them being possible through the Word of God. God bless.










1524637785 (ISBN13: 9781524637781)

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