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Her Savior

2020 . Fiction, Romance, Fantasy . V. Vaughn




About the book

Christmas used to be Holly Berry’s favorite season. But this year the werecougar is feeling unsettled. She has waited her whole life for the perfect mate, but as she gets older she’s begun to run out of eligible men. When her busybody receptionist books her to cut Luke Robichaux’s hair, Holly and her cat purr with pleasure. It’s a Christmas miracle because he’s her true mate. She’s so taken with him she doesn’t notice he’s not a werecougar, and when she does, more than fur flies. Luke Robichaux moved away from Maine to find himself, and what he discovers is so much better - his mate in cougar form. Rawrr. The moment he scented Holly Berry he knew the cat was his, and when she presented him with her finest assets he thought she was on board with the plan. While Holly struggles to get over Luke being a werebear, other members of her clan make their union impossible if they plan to stick around. Holly and Luke have to decide if their mate attraction is strong enough for them to leave the prejudice behind. Christmas romance, shifter romance, bear shifter, cougar shifter, cougar romance, small town romance, interracial romance






Sugarloaf Press



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