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The Beautiful Years I

2018 . Annie Welch




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If you knew love could kill you, would you still fall? Love never felt dangerous to me. He did. The moment Brando Piero Fausti appeared in the snow-filled night, he made the blood hum in my veins, tethering my life to his with an irrevocable bond. I became the light to his darkness, illuminating the face of an avenging angel. His intense dark eyes should've warned me away, but they only drew me closer. With a body worthy of a statue in Italy, he was the most beautiful man that I had ever seen, and the most dangerous man I had ever felt. A savage beast lurked just beneath his surface, ready to battle for what he loved the most-me. He claimed me as his, per sempre. But he wanted something from me. For me. He wanted me to dance. To fulfill what the world insisted was my destiny. Little did I know that he would lure me into a gilded cage with his beautiful words and searing touch, a twirling ballerina locked safe in a music box, rose petals strewn at my feet. And then set me free, his touch a brand on my skin. Little did he know, I'd always fight to follow the true alignment of my stars. The Beautiful Years, Book I is the beginning of a seven-part Mafia Romance saga. Start the journey today!






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