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The Chameleon

2021 . Fiction, Thrillers, Mystery & Detective . Ron McManus




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About the book

2021 Best Indie Book Award Winner—Suspense/Thriller/Espionage "...a thriller that will keep readers turning the pages to a satisfying—and unexpected—wind-up." —BookLife  "Spy thriller aficionados will revel in the lively fight scenes, engaging cast, and vivid settings." —BookLife "Exhilarating...a fast-paced, absorbing terrorist tale.” —Kirkus Reviews “…an international action and adventure thriller, masterfully researched and crafted for an exhilarating ride.” —Readers’ Favorite “…a book you want to place high on your list of thrillers and suspense experiences.” —Readers’ Favorite “... a fast-paced, action/adventure thriller that will ultimately give every international top ten bestselling thrillers a run for its money!” —Readers’ Favorite Jake Palmer, investigative consultant and former US Navy SEAL, has signed on as a contractor with a top-secret US Joint Special Operations Command team in Islamabad, Pakistan. Palmer and his JSOC partner work to uncover a suspected mole and gather intelligence regarding the security of Pakistan’s nuclear weapon arsenal as the country prepares for war with India over control of the disputed region of Kashmir. Fears regarding security of the weapons escalate when Pakistan decides to deploy its arsenal and rumors surface that a shadowy figure, the Chameleon, will attempt to divert a nuclear warhead during the deployment. With a nuclear war countdown clock at a minute ’til midnight, Palmer and his partner risk everything to prevent the Chameleon from carrying out a plan for the world’s first act of nuclear terrorism.






Bay Beach Books




1647043743 (ISBN13: 9781647043742)

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