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Office Monsters

2018 . Fiction, Christian . Lorraine Helena




About the book

Lorraine Helena's Office Monsters describes the inspiring story of a young woman who, when faced with many trials after the death of her husband, was able to deal with the distressing and unfavorable situations that confronted her each day. Life at the office becomes increasingly overbearing as she must deal with a new boss and obstinate co-workers. Before long, Lorie senses an ominous undercurrent at the office. As her curiosity increases, she becomes determined to find out what is really going on at Glendale Corporation. When not at the office, Lorie tries to deal with stress by getting together with friends from the yacht club. Pushed into dating by some well-meaning friends, who are concerned about her being alone, Lorie finds that this only adds more stress to an already stressful situation. Trying to let her date Rich down in a nice way creates further problems as he resorts to getting even. When Glendale decides to have a golf tournament fund-raiser, Lorie is forced to participate. Being rusty at golf, her friend, Diane, comes to the rescue, and Lorie is introduced to Diane's cousin, Dave. His strong golf skills help Lorie prepare for the tournament. The caring support he renders turns into friendship and grows into love. Board members finally suspect the CEO of foul play. Lorie is told to keep her eyes and ears opened. With much vigilance, Lorie is able to provide clues that ultimately lead to the arrest of her boss, James, and his partners in crime, José and June. Through strong faith and perseverance, Lorie is able to attain life-changing effects. Her story reveals how each unfortunate circumstance unveiled a valuable learning experience. Office Monsters offers a moving personal quest, a frightening adventure met with infinite strength.






Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.




1641402075 (ISBN13: 9781641402071)

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