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Resurrection of the Heart

2021 . History, Military, Fiction, Romance . Natasha Knight, A. Zavarelli




About the book

Santiago finally has what he wants. His baby is growing inside me. I’ve rewritten her destiny, binding her to me for good.  Things are changing for us. I see beyond the monster he shows the world. See the scars he hides beneath the ink.  Love is a weakness men like me can’t afford. I’ve decided to keep her, but I’ll never forfeit my revenge. His final betrayal proves his vengeance means more to him than our love.  I will have my pound of flesh, no matter the cost.  I made a mistake trusting him. I forgot how much he likes my tears.  When I am through, I’ll have what I thought I always needed. I’ll run from him. I’ll have to.  I’ll bring her back when she runs. I’ll always bring her back. She belongs with me.  But it’s too late when I realize he’s not the only monster in my world. And that mistake will cost us both dearly.






Natasha Knight



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