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2021 . Fiction, Romance . Celeste Barclay




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About the book

A warrior with a wounded heart.... Strian Eindrideson has served alongside his friends since he was old enough to swing a sword, but beneath the handsome but brutal exterior lies a wounded heart. Separated ten years earlier from the only woman he ever loved, Strian searches for his missing wife until a pair of blue eyes captures his attention during a raid in Scotland. Those blue eyes could only belong to one woman. A woman he feared was dead but always hoped he would find. Now returned to their homeland, Strian must prove that he can be the protector and partner he swore to be all those years ago. Will love be enough to repair the damage caused by so many years apart? A survivor with a painful secret... Gressa Jorgensdottir thought she had everything her heart desired until a battle left her near death and torn away from the man she had married only months earlier. Ten years of living in Wales, first as a slave then as free woman, convinced Gressa that she would never again see the man who still holds a piece of her soul. When that man from her past returns her to a land where her Sami heritage makes her an outcast, Gressa must decide whether her life with Strian holds more promise than the pull from secrets that bind her to Wales. Will their need to protect one another be their undoing? Torn apart during one battle only to be reunited during another, Strian and Gressa must learn to trust one another again, sharing the truth of their time apart while relying upon one another to survive. Rivals for their affection, secrets and half-truths, and an ever present threat from a common enemy test Strian and Gressa's resolve. Will their pasts drive them apart even when their hearts call to one another? Viking Glory is a steamy historical series that will transport you back to the world of the ancient Norse with brave heroes and even stronger heroines. The series follows the lives and loves of five friends. Brother and sister, Leif and Freya, along with their cousin, Bjorn, and their friends Strian and Tyra sail the seas and conquer hearts. This is a five book series where each book can be read as a standalone but is best read as part of the series.






Oliver-Heber Books




1648391273 (ISBN13: 9781648391279)

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