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Extinguish Burnout

2019 . Business & Economics, Human Resources & Personnel Management, Workplace Culture, Psychology, Industrial & Organizational Psychology . Rob Bogue, Terri Bogue




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An authoritative and relevant guide that provides practical advice for how to avoid and recover from burnout and embark on the pathway to thriving. Trapped. Stuck. Helpless. These are the words that people experiencing burnout use to describe their lives, but they don't have to. The words used after extinguishing burnout are hopeful, thriving, flourishing, and powerful. Nearly everyone has experienced burnout. Some have escaped burnout's grips, but at what cost, and after how long? When we find ourselves succumbing to the pressures of today that move us towards burnout, we need a clear path to get out and avoid it in the future. That's what Rob and Terri Bogue have put together - a clear path out of burnout. In the book, you'll learn: - What causes burnout and how to escape - How to more realistically value the results you're getting - When to ask for and receive more support - What four simple physical self-care activities reduce burnout - How to change your self-talk for the better - What to do to manage your demands so you're not so exhausted - How to better recognize your personal value - How to integrate your self-image and reduce your stress - How to identify and eliminate barriers to your efficacy - How to build resilience against setbacks - Why hope is essential - Why failure isn't final - How to be detached without being disengaged Rob and Terri convert abstract concepts into tangible activities that you can do to escape burnout. They convert nearly incomprehensible research into practical steps anyone can take. Intentionally short chapters can be read in only a few minutes, so you don't have to commit to a long book or chapter to start feeling better. "If you need to read one book about well-being, this is absolutely it." - Sharlyn Lauby, Author of HR Bartender






Society for Human Resource Management




1586446347 (ISBN13: 9781586446345)

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