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Boxing Book For Beginners

2018 . Kevin Durant




About the book

- Do you really wish to become a successful boxing player? - Are you looking for the best boxing books that will help you master this game like an expert? - What are the best boxing fitness cum training tips that you must know? Now, Get Ready to Learn the Core Concepts of Boxing Fundamentals in This Excellent Book! Designed for all sports fanatics that wish to master the art of boxing, this guidebook will perfectly help you learn all critical concepts and tips to become an expert. Needless to mention, the combat sports activities of boxing game isn't that simple! In fact, in order to master this incredible sport, you are required to precisely follow some important tips and guidelines. Luckily for you, this one-in-all boxing training book covers various important concepts (with comprehensive detailing) that you must follow to become a pro. This is a perfect boxing fitness guide that will lead you to the path to be a professional boxer. So, what are you waiting for? Whether you are a complete beginner in this arena or you are striving to become a professional boxing player, this guidebook will be the most recommended solution for you! Now, keep reading and reveal some important concepts that you'll learn from this excellent book. You Will Learn: - Start with the basic history of Boxing - Know more about the modern professional Boxing related concepts - Reveal important Boxing rules to lead the path of success cum excellence - Acquire the right skills in order to become a good Boxer - Garner knowledge about Defensive skills, Body conditioning, and more - Avoid the common mistakes in Boxing - And, much more too... So, are you now eager to learn all of these aforementioned basics and fundamentals of boxing? If yes, then do not waste anymore time and hit the "Buy Now" button right away.






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1723768359 (ISBN13: 9781723768354)

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