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An Angels Kiss

An Angels Kiss

2012 . Fiction, Romance, Fantasy . Vincent Cobb




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An Angels Kiss

About the book


It's 1988 and Harvard graduate lawyer Tom Metzler is visiting London for the first time. Although on legal business, he It's 1988 and Harvard graduate lawyer Tom Metzler is visiting London for the first time. Although on legal business, he finds time to visit the Natural History Museum where, among the cornucopia of treasures he witnesses something of preternatural beauty that's to change his life forever the sight of a stunningly beautiful young woman. He's elated when their eyes meet and she fixes him with a winsome smile then deflated when, in an instant and as if by magic, she disappears.By some incredible coincidence, this vision of beauty reappears at Tom's hotel later that evening. Tom's delighted yet bewildered when she addresses him by name without the slightest introduction and even more so when she tells him that he won't be flying home to New York with Pan Am as planned. Instead, she informs him that she's booked him a seat on the TWA morning flight instead as she hands him the ticket together with a new passport in a new name! The following morning, it's as if he's bewitched. Without questioning the strange new arrangement, he dutifully catches the TWA flight home in a trance. It's only when he arrives at his Manhattan office that the enormity of his chance meeting comes to light: no one at all seems to recognise him. It's as if he never existed. And then, to add to his bafflement, one of the staff announces that the Pan Am flight on which hewas to have travelled has crashed over a town called Lockerbie in Scotland. Everyone has died, passengers, crew and many people on the ground.Someone, somehow has saved his life but how? And why? Tom finds the answers when that beautiful young woman materialises once more and explains that she's his guardian angel, sent back to earth in human form as a punishment by the Celestial Tribune! Tom falls deeply and passionately in love with Imogene, for that's her name but physical love is taboo. Nevertheless, he woos and pursues her until finally they make love, the angel falls pregnant and they set in train a rollercoaster ride of romance, intrigue and suspense surrounding a love affair that's forbidden by the Celestial Tribune and by the laws of time itself!"






M-Y Books Limited




1907759298 (ISBN13: 9781907759291)

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