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Answers on Love, Relationships and Emotional Communication

Answers on Love, Relationships and Emotional Communication

2021 . Family & Relationships, Dating, Young Adult Nonfiction, Social Topics, Self-help . Emanuele M. Barboni Dalla Costa



Answers on Love, Relationships and Emotional Communication
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About the book

A valuable book of questions and answers born with the hope of clarifying many points concerning the intimate relationship you have with yourself and with others. A non-exhaustive list of some of the questions and answers in the book: GENERATE ATTRACTION How do you overcome shyness with girls? What's the first thing women look at in a man? What makes a person interesting and attractive? What's your favorite way to show someone you care? Can you recommend daily exercises I can do to improve my charisma and be more confident? Why do people talk even when they don't know the topic being talked about? LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS What can we do to limit misunderstandings in relationships? How to get over unrequited love? If a girl writes to a guy all day, does that mean she's in love? The girl I have a crush on says she likes me but won't commit to a relationship. What do I do? How can I "destroy" an idealized love? How to manage a relationship with a colleague? What to do if you are in love with a girl, but haven't opened up to her for many years? What does it mean if someone who loves you ignores you and won't tell you why? What's one "man problem" that women wouldn't understand? FIRST DATE What do you think would be the ideal place for a first date? How not to look "desperate" on a first date How to impress a girl on a first date? What not to do on a first date? What to say to a girl after a first date? What should you know before you kiss someone? Does there have to be physical contact on the first date? BETTER CONVERSATIONS What does a good conversation consist of? What is the best way to start an online conversation? How do you start a conversation? How can you keep the level of conversation up? What's the best way to get out of a conversation where there's no end in sight? How can I improve my public speaking skills? BREAKING UP AND TAKING BACK I want to break up with my girlfriend. What are the best ways to do that? My boyfriend and I have picked up and broken up several times. How do I know this is a permanent goodbye? What does it mean if she likes me a lot but wants to be alone for a while? Is love there when you miss your partner? Can true love be at first sight? Why do some people when they break up immediately look for another relationship? OVERCOMING THE FEAR OF TALKING TO PEOPLE I'm a boring person, how can I change? How to deal with people who only talk about themselves? Why is it that when you try to speak or enter a conversation, others interrupt you and talk over you? What to do when you have difficulty talking to people?






EBC Edizioni



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