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Apex 2

Apex 2

2015 . Fiction, Superheroes, Juvenile Fiction, Comics & Graphic Novels, Science Fiction . Adam Moon



Apex 2
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About the book

The alien General is poised to strike. He's never been beaten but something about the planet Earth has him on edge. The first wave should have cleaved through the Earthlings easily yet it was thwarted. Cautiously, he decides to wait in orbit and watch what happens before launching the second wave. Jack and Melanie defeated the Grey aliens last month but that doesn't mean their troubles are over. When the world discovers that they have extraordinary abilities, their lives are turned upside down. They're brought in to a military bunker tucked deep inside the mountains in Wyoming for testing. When a large metallic sphere identical to the one that gave them their powers is discovered and trucked to their location, things take a turn for the worse. Others become infected with the same alien mist that transformed them, and no one knows if they can be trusted with their new powers.     Keywords: superhero, alien contact, first contact, genetic modification, super powers, colonization, alien invasion






Gealach Publishing



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