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Being Tossed to and Fro? the Way to Steady Yourself

Being Tossed to and Fro? the Way to Steady Yourself

2013 . Religion, Biblical Studies . M. C. Paul



Being Tossed to and Fro? the Way to Steady Yourself
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About the book

Is there a meaning to my life? This question confronts every one of us at one stage or another. The answer comes from within us in the form of another question: How can I know unless I created me myself? If we assume that man is a created being, we tend to say that the creator should reveal Himself and give meaning to his life. This revelation naturally has to be progressive, as life is always in progress. Man gets convinced finally when God becomes a man to reveal it to him. This conviction in his mind leads him to commitment of his will and it results in new life in his heart. The Bible says that this happens when man receives the good news about Jesus and His death on the cross. The purpose of this new life according to the Bible is to become like Jesus. There is a force which tries to pull man away from experiencing this new life. If a man persists and experiences it, then this force doesnt allow him to progress in this new life. Various tricks are played. The most prominent is false teaching. It does not allow believers to understand the Bible rightly. The essential doctrines to be accepted in unity are deliberately distorted. Spurious doctrines are promoted. The pairs of truth presented in the Bible are not allowed to be held in balance. Different kinds of experiences in the lives of biblical characters are ignored; only one is emphasized at the expense of all others. Various means of grace are not allowed to be tapped, and only one means of grace is shown. Full armour is not allowed to be put on and only one piece is shown to be sufficient to wage the battle. False teaching leaves the believers poverty-stricken in their faith and defenceless in their battle. This book presents polemical teaching to enable believers overcome these tricky hindrances and helps them march forward into the likeness of Jesus.










1490809880 (ISBN13: 9781490809885)

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