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Book of Ki

Book of Ki

1976 . Sports & Recreation . Koichi Tohei



Book of Ki
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About the book

From the Back Cover: Everyone should realize the natural abilities we all have that enable us to pass successfully through this life. Unfortunately there are too many people who continue aimlessly along, overshadowed psychologically and physically because they are not aware of their own abilities. Such people are a great minus from their own viewpoint and from the viewpoint of society as well. The principles of ki lie in bringing to light man's natural strength and his hidden natural abilities. The author's earlier works, in which he introduced the principles of ki and aikido with mind and body coordinated, met with great response in many countries and created a demand for a still more detailed explanation of what ki really means. The present work is an answer to that demand. In the first section, while delving deeply into the principles of ki, the author gives a number of practical examples which anyone can easily follow. These examples are straight to that point, concrete and avoid abstractions such as how much power is there in spirit and the nature of feeling. The author's point is to have the reader learn the proper method of mastering the spirit and to have the spirit pervade the reader's body so that he will be able to grasp the basic meaning of ki. In part two of the book, the author gives detailed and concrete examples of how to apply the principles of ki to our daily lives. The author wishes that not only those who are in positions of leadership but also those who have physical or spiritual problems, or who do not fully realize their own abilities and strength, will learn the full meaning of ki. He also wishes that those who have learned the principles of ki will instill them in their hearts and help those around them walk a brighter and happier path.






Japan Publications




0870403796 (ISBN13: 9780870403798)

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