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Calm Brain, Powerful Mind

Calm Brain, Powerful Mind

2020 . Body, Mind & Spirit . Aziz Velji




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Calm Brain, Powerful Mind

About the book

Stress is pervasive in our western society like never before. As life moves faster and becomes more complicated, our ability to adapt and thrive becomes harder. It is no wonder that many of us are stressed. Whether manifesting as fear, worry, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, boredom, or even depression, stress is debilitating and can limit you-physically, mentally, and emotionally. We are told that we need to try and manage stress, but practically speaking, stress cannot be "managed." The only lasting way to overcome stress is to "eliminate" it from our lives. Calm Brain, Powerful Mind: Abolish Stress to Unleash Your True Potential is a comprehensive and seminal self-help book about how a person can eliminate stress from their lives in order to access the inherent power of their mind. There are many books that discuss ways of controlling stress, but this non-academic text, which links the relationship between developments in neuroscience, quantum physics, behavioral epigenetics, and neuroplasticity to stress, mental health, emotional intelligence, developmental psychology, and the teachings on meditation from the East, seeks to help the reader understand the true causes of stress, and how the various parts of the brain are critical in its development... and ultimately, in its removal. When you understand the true nature of reality and the relationship between your brain and your authentic self, you will see that stressful thoughts are not real, but rather are based on your memories of "failures and mistakes" of the past, or the "what if possibilities" of the future, both of which are NOT important. You learn that your transition to a sustainable, stress-free life is gradual at first, but through practice, it will grow until you suddenly experience a dramatic, instant, and permanent mind shift-one that crosses the threshold of lasting happiness, peace, and prosperity. Aziz Velji's "holistic" approach will rewire your brain into a completely new way of thinking (and behaving)-one that is resilient, permanent, transformative, and non-reversible. This book gives you the knowledge, the tools (like conscious breathing, mindfulness, and meditation), and the confidence needed to achieve your personal breakthrough, where you can finally tap into the underlying power of your mind-one that is no longer burdened or influenced by stress. With this newfound power, you will gain much greater confidence, courage, and focus. You will also think more clearly and creatively, make better decisions, become aware, attentive, and happy, and ultimately achieve anything that you desire in life.






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1999014405 (ISBN13: 9781999014407)

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