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Candyman: The Prequel

Candyman: The Prequel

2014 . Fiction, Fantasy, Romance . Jas T. Ward



Candyman: The Prequel

About the book

Can the dark half of a secret split personality win the girl? You don't know I exist. Don't feel bad. No one knows I exist. I'm Reno Sundown and I live only in his head. Yeah, you read that right. I'm the dark side of a hero's personality. His big, bad, dark secret. And that was fine, for two-hundred years. From the days of being an Old West outlaw to being a badass Breaker on the Grid hero. I was cool with it all. Only getting the bad. Doing the dirtiest of deeds while he kept his handsome hands clean. Until her. Emma Sundown. And of course, I fell for her first. But the Cowboy used my one night to win her. The bastard. And now he's gone and broken her heart. He's going to pay for that. Even if it means we're both going to die. The thrilling fanfiction prequel that began the wildly popular Grid Series! Read how it all began!






Ink-N-Flow Publishing



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