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Chancing Love: Lesbian Love Stories (A F/F Romance Bundle)

Chancing Love: Lesbian Love Stories (A F/F Romance Bundle)

Fiction, Romance, Lgbt . Gabrielle Fox



Chancing Love: Lesbian Love Stories (A F/F Romance Bundle)
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About the book

Chancing Love: Lesbian Love Stories is a bundle of 3 steamy and sensual lesbian F/F romances from lesbian fiction author Gabrielle Fox. If you’re looking for heartwarming lesbian romances full of love and joy with plenty of steam, and that all end with happy endings, then Chancing Love will not leave you disappointed. The three love stories contained in this boxed set are: Roommate, Starting Over, and Unexpected. * Roommate Love… to be completely honest, I never thought I’d find it. By the time I got to college, I’d never been on a date. Never had a guy tell me he liked me. Never even felt attracted to a guy. Never yearned for… anyone. Maybe it just wasn’t for me. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Until I saw my roommate. Karen stole my breath away. She was gorgeous, funny, and she really turned me on. Now there’s something I never expected. Freshman year at college, and I’m falling for my roommate… who’s a girl. What’s next? A whirlwind romance? White-hot nights of sapphic pleasure? Finding… love? Come on. That never happens. …right? * Starting Over It was two years into our marriage that I felt it. A yearning. I needed something fundamentally different. Rob was a nice man. I could see us living our lives out… quiet. Uneventful. Unsatisfying. Unfulfilled. No, that wasn’t what I wanted. I tried to ignore it… tried to be the good wife. Tried to be the straight wife. But, deep down, I knew I wasn’t. I craved something… something I didn’t realize when I was a younger woman. Something that needed maturity and time to blossom. And now I was going to get what I craved. I was going to quench that thirst. I knew it would ruin the marriage. I knew my life would change forever. I knew a lot of things… But what I didn’t know was that it would lead to… …true love. * Unexpected I never saw it coming. It was totally unexpected. I was married with kids. She was eighteen and adventurous. It was never supposed to happen. This is not how I pictured my life. I thought I’d live a… conventional life. I never thought a young and beautiful woman would steal my heart away. I never thought I’d become addicted to a sexy, passionate girl who knew how to pleasure me in ways I’d never experienced. I never thought I’d yearn to start over… to start again. That I’d fall in love with her. That I’d leave my husband for her. That I’d find… myself. That I’d find happiness. *




Gabrielle Fox



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