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Content Marketing for PR

Content Marketing for PR

2019 . Business & Economics, Public Relations . Trevor D. Young



Content Marketing for PR
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About the book

Are you struggling to cut through the noise and convey your message to the marketplace? Become your own media channel and tell your stories like a PR pro! We live in a fast-paced, digital-first world cluttered with brands and individuals telling the world how great they are. It's no wonder consumers are so cynical and distrustful. They resent being interrupted with meaningless ads, pitches and promotional messages. They simply don't care about you or your business--because you haven't given them a reason to. Meanwhile, marketers and PR pros are beginning to accept that many of the methods they've been using to reach potential customers and influencers simply don't work anymore. Bottom line: Standing out, getting noticed and resonating in the marketplace is a growing challenge for businesses and organizations, large and small. Trust and reputation have never been more important in business. Learn how to harness the power of both public relations and content marketing to build recognition, influence and credibility for your business, organization or personal brand. In this book, veteran public relations practitioner and marketing speaker Trevor Young--aka "The PR Warrior"--shows you how to strategically use content marketing for PR to: ● Humanize your company or organization ● Deepen the connection your brand has with consumers ● Grow your influence within the industry you operate ● Build familiarity and trust in the marketplace ● Connect with the people who influence your clients and customers ● Increase new business leads and sales ● Reduce the customer's buying cycle ● Make paid-for advertising work harder Written for entrepreneurs, change agents, business leaders, marketers and PR practitioners, Content Marketing for PR is your essential guide to building a visible brand that's recognized, respected and relevant in today's noisy social world.






Young Partnership Pty, Limited




0648669602 (ISBN13: 9780648669609)

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