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Cupid Stunts:The Life & Radio Times Of Kenny Everett

Cupid Stunts:The Life & Radio Times Of Kenny Everett

2013 . Music, Individual Composer & Musician, Performing Arts, Radio, Biography & Autobiography . David Stafford, Caroline Stafford



Cupid Stunts:The Life & Radio Times Of Kenny Everett
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About the book

On paper, Kenny Everett's qualifications did not look promising – with little in the way of education, physique or social skills. What he had was a gift for funny voices, an oblique imagination and a way with a tape recorder. Yet, the British radio revolution in the ‘60s and ‘70s needed these exact qualities. Ever a corporate player, Kenny was frequently fired, but still went on to reinvent television. Meanwhile, outside the studios, the challenge to 'get a life' brought moments of ecstasy, frequent bother and at least one suicide attempt. And at the exact moment when tabloid frenzy about the AIDS epidemic reached its peak, he came out. This new biography, based on intricate documentary research as well as interviews with colleagues, friends and enemies – including Alexei Sayle, Barry Cryer, David Mallet and "Whispering" Bob Harris – not only gets under the skin of the man, but also gives a taste of the times. Cupid Stunts covers the novelty and excitement of hearing all-pop radio for the first time, the terror and bluster of the high-ups, the brilliant blossoming of gay culture throughout the 70s and 80s, and the tragedy and vile hypocrisy that surrounded the AIDS epidemic.






Omnibus Press




0857128671 (ISBN13: 9780857128676)

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