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Dream Girl

Dream Girl

2015 . Family & Relationships . SANJEEV SRIVASTAVA



Dream Girl
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About the book

DREAM GIRL Set Free is the story of a man who has just come out of a good job following his Boss, due to their friendship. The Boss places his trust in him yet again but this time with a project that is entirely removed from what he has been doing so far in life. He takes up the challenge partly owing to lack of something else to do and partly due to the very attractive offer that the Boss puts out to him. He finds himself all alone and in strange waters, the Boss is placed elsewhere and beyond regular touch. He needs someone to share his fears and apprehensions with. His family is the centre of his world. But he knows better than to burden them with his problems and so he turns to his pet dog and finds in her silent acceptance an ideal anchor for that particular phase of his life, like many of us who do find or create temporary anchors in life for the various phases of our lives. As his project hits success his life starts to fall apart and it all ends with the death of his pet dog and on that very day he gets another chance at life. Life goes on. Will he make another anchor for the next phase of his life? The story leaves us at speculation and expectation. Told in a manner similar to Wodehouse it has its underlying humour swelling and ebbing through the course of the narrative and would keep the reader entertained throughout.






Partridge Publishing




1482843692 (ISBN13: 9781482843699)

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