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Dublin Seven

Dublin Seven

2015 . Fiction, Crime, Mystery & Detective . Frankie Gaffney



Dublin Seven
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About the book

And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. Just left school and keen to assert his independence, Shane loses himself in the tail end of Celtic Tiger nightlife. Through a chance meeting with a local cocaine dealer, he sets himself up in business. —C’mere. D’ye know where I’d get a bit of tha stuff? Shane asked Griffo. —It’s deadly so it is. —Yeah no bother kid, it’s always there if ye want it, anytime. Soon, Shane’s life is drugs, dance music, gangsters - and a beautiful girlfriend. But as the Celtic Tiger fades, so does Shane’s luck. The threats multiply, his paranoia builds and the violence creeps closer. —Shane just leave it please, tha youngfella is a scumbag, yeh don’t know what he migh do. —Yer man’s not gonna do anythin. —He’s a bogey cunt! He’s meant to be into armed robberies and all. Dublin Seven is a classic coming-of-age gangster tale, combined with a troubled urban romance - a cross between Goodfellas and Love/Hate.






Liberties Press




1910742368 (ISBN13: 9781910742365)

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