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2018 . Mr. James Latham




About the book

Everybody is running up and down, busy and striving hard to do more so as to achieve more. Yet, the most successful achievers always seem to have a lot of time on their hands. Every other person on the planet is trying to put their hands in many pies at once yet the most remarkably successful personalities have very few endeavors at once. They focus more on what must be done rather than the things they feel they want to do. That is the most common denominator running through the lives of Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, Nikolai Tesla, Elon Musk and Reverend Martin Luther King. They focus on the most essential things and requirements and shun every other thing.Essentialism is key to huge success and contentment but it is even much more effective when paired with minimalism. Essentialism and minimalism are two sides of the same coin; two peas in the same pod. They dovetail and complement each other perfectly without any conflict. Essentialism says; "Do less", minimalism screams; "Have less". Together, they can help you focus on your objectives, eliminate uncertain needs and derive the maximum from your potentials, strengths and opportunities. By conserving your artillery for the big and important occasions, you can ensure that you produce beyond expectations. Most especially, you will also attain great contentment, happiness and an inexhaustible supply of satisfaction and confidence.The latest book in my essentialism series, this book;* Convinces you further to jettison the consumerism principle* Further explains what essentialism is and what it is not* Gives you reasons to embrace essentialism as a life choice* Explains why society's idea of happiness is wrong* Teaches you to prioritize and stay true to your priorities* Redefines happiness and contentment* Demystifies minimalism* Defines the boundaries of minimalism* Gives you the reasons why minimalism is such a good idea* Shows the link between essentialism and minimalism* Advocates for why you can be a better essentialist by becoming minimalist* Provides compelling reason for you to join essentialism and minimalism* Shows you how to combine essentialism and minimalism* Provides a stepwise guide to building the right mindset for becoming an essentialist minimalist* Lays down the framework for adding minimalism to essentialism* Serves to prepare you for my next blockbuster bestselling book on essentialism GET YOUR COPY NOW!






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1986259250 (ISBN13: 9781986259255)

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