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Frumpy to Fabulous

Frumpy to Fabulous

2010 . Natalie Jobity




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Frumpy to Fabulous

About the book


In "Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It. Your Ultimate Guide to Effortless Style", Natalie Jobity, a style expert and professional image consultant, shares with women fashion tips, insider secrets and advice they can use immediately to elevate their look. The book teaches women how to dress to enhance their image and express their unique style so they look and feel amazing, inside and out. "Frumpy to Fabulous: Flaunting It" has step-by-step guidance on all the topics you care about: dressing to flatter your figure; determining your personal style; shopping smarter so you fill your closet with the right pieces; working with color; pulling your look together with accessories; dressing to elevate your image at work; and much more. As you read each chapter, Natalie's friendly, engaging, voice empowers you to unleash your style potential and encourages you to dare to express your most fabulous self. With "real" illustrations throughout, summarized tips, exercises and anecdotes based on Natalie's work with hundreds of women, this is a book that you will cherish and refer to time and time again. As you read, you will realize that you are in the midst of more than an image makeover-you are really being taken on a journey of transformation-a wonderful and exhilarating experience that helps you tap into your true essence and express it by the way you dress. With down to earth and practical wisdom that is delivered with encouragement and sass, Natalie leads the way for the woman who is ready for her image to catch up with the rest of her life. This book is an invitation to change how the world sees you and how you see yourself, on your terms. You'll learn how to dress to elevate your image so you look and feel amazing. Yes, you too can become one of those effortlessly stylish women you admire. Wherever you are on your image journey-from fashion challenged to emerging fashionista-with Natalie as your guide you will be inspired to "Flaunt It "






Elan Image Management




0982929706 (ISBN13: 9780982929704)

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