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Future War and the Defence of Europe

Future War and the Defence of Europe

2021 . History, Military, Political Science, International Relations, World . John R. Allen, Frederick Ben Hodges, Julian Lindley-French

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Future War and the Defence of Europe
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About the book


Future War and the Defence of Europe offers a major new analysis of how peace and security can be maintained in Europe: a continent that has suffered two cataclysmic conflicts since 1914. Taking as its starting point the COVID-19 pandemic and way it will inevitably accelerate some key global dynamics already in play, the book goes on to weave history, strategy, policy, and technology into a compelling analytical narrative. It lays out in forensic detail the scale of the challenge Europeans and their allies face if Europe's peace is to be upheld in a transformative century. The book upends foundational assumptions about how Europe's defence is organised, the role of a fast-changing transatlantic relationship, NATO, the EU, and their constituent nation-states. At the heart of the book is a radical vision of a technology-enabling future European defence, built around a new kind of Atlantic Alliance, an innovative strategic public-private partnership, and the future hyper-electronic European force, E-Force, it must spawn. Europeans should be under no illusion: unless they do far more for their own defence, and very differently, all that they now take for granted could be lost in the maze of hybrid war, cyber war, and hyper war they must face.






Oxford University Press




0198855834 (ISBN13: 9780198855835)

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9 months ago


While Europe Slept Allen, Hodges, and Lindley-French hope the COVID-19 pandemic is a wake-up call to Europe that it is unprepared for the threats of the future, state-based or otherwise. Only through focused investment in defense spending do the Europeans stand a chance of keeping the continent together from the many external threats they face. If they do not help themselves, the likelihood of the United States staying engaged wanes, and we risk a return to the fractured isolationism of the 1930s. About the author: Brian Babcock-Lumish is the director of the General David H. Petraeus Center for Emerging Leaders at the Institute for the Study of War. A scholar of civil-military relations and alliance politics, he is a nonresident fellow at the Modern War Institute at West Point and a security fellow of the Truman National Security Project. A West Point graduate, he served 24 years in uniform as a United States Army military intelligence officer. He earned a master’s degree in Russian & East European studies as a Marshall scholar at Oxford University and a PhD in war studies as a Truman scholar at King’s College London.

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