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Genius Kitchen

Genius Kitchen

2022 . Medical, Nutrition, Science, Life Sciences, Cooking . Max Lugavere

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Genius Kitchen

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USA TODAY Bestseller WALL STREET JOURNAL Bestseller Combining the dietary recommendations in his bestselling Genius Foods and the lifestyle recommendations of The Genius Life, Genius Kitchen features shockingly delicious, nutrient-packed recipes that will energize your mind, strengthen your body, and pave a path to health that you’ll feel with the first bite.  Max Lugavere’s debut book Genius Foods was groundbreaking, providing much-needed information on brain health that was embraced by thousands, and became an instant New York Times bestseller. His second book, The Genius Life, introduced an easy-to-implement protocol for strengthening your body and mind. This is the follow-up fans have been waiting for: the companion cookbook, filled with over 100 delicious recipes to help you lose weight, feel great, and reach optimum health. Inspired by traditions from around the globe, the 100-plus recipes and stunning photographs in Genius Kitchen feature an international twist, with bold flavors that favor simplicity and quality of ingredients over complexity and quantity. In addition, Max lists the basic, healthy ingredients and tools that are essential for a well-stocked kitchen and pantry, and offers techniques and best practices for healthy cooking and eating well on a budget.  Max wants everyone to be well and enjoy great food—a legacy imparted on him by the tragic health of his mother. Part cookbook, part wellness guide, Genius Kitchen provides key insights that make healthy eating a breeze. Max explains the importance of whole, fresh foods, how various nutrients work together keep you healthy, and how to get fit without counting calories. Breaking down each meal component, Max explains the art and science of nutrition without the dogma, so that you can feel your best every day without sacrificing your love of eating.  Whether you are a novice cook or seasoned in the kitchen; just beginning the journey to wellness, or health conscious but wanting to up your game, everyone will benefit from the information presented in Genius Kitchen—and enjoy some epic food in the process.










0063022958 (ISBN13: 9780063022959)

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2 months ago


“When it comes to eating for good health, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ diet,” writes health and science journalist Lugavere in this collection of fortifying recipes. When his mother’s health began to decline due to dementia, the author discovered that unhealthy foods—such as sugars and oils with trans fats—can increase the severity of chronic diseases. In the book’s first half, he shares how to combat leaning on “empty calories” by eating like a “genius” (consuming nutrient-rich foods that “satiate innate hunger mechanisms”); delves into what makes health foods healthy; and provides helpful tips for improving digestion (nose breathing increases nitric oxide, a gas that can reduce blood pressure). Following this are recipes both sweet and savory that harness the power of proteins and superfoods, among them grain-free blueberry orange pancakes with coconut cream, and spice-rubbed salmon with almond basil pesto. Broccoli lovers will relish Lugavere’s creative uses of the vegetable in a number of dishes, like broccoli “falafel” and sheet pan balsamic chicken and broccoli with figs. Meanwhile, desserts, such as almond olive oil cake, use natural sweeteners like monk fruit, which, Lugavere notes, has been utilized “for centuries in Chinese medicine.” This informs and satisfies in equal measure.

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