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Golf and Marriage and Life

Golf and Marriage and Life

2014 . Dudley Bienvenu



Golf and Marriage and Life
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About the book

There are three main reasons I wrote this book. First, I have a strong desire and commitment to helping couples succeed at marriage. It is truly one of the great tragedies of our times that so many are failing. Second, because I love my wife and the game of golf, I have spent much of my married golfing career desperately trying to figure out how to reconcile the two. In the process of this quest, I have learned some things that are sure to benefit others who similarly struggle with this dilemma. Third, I want to help men who love golf not only to improve their games without expending more time, but to learn from golf how to be better men and husbands. If we will seek its wisdom, the game of golf can teach us so much about how to live more meaningful and fulfilling lives. Something I want to highlight, is the perspective of me, the author. You see, in addition to being a scratch golfer, I am a marriage counselor, psychotherapist, and man of faith. Forty-five years of schooling on the links and 25,000 hours of counseling all kinds of people, has to also give me some kind of an honorary degree in sports psychology. Finally, I am a recovering golf addict who has learned to play socially and even competitively without becoming obsessed and without ruining my marriage of 30 years. Because of these many varied experiences, I can see and speak from several vantage points that others cannot. As you read, you'll get valuable advice from each The last thing I want to mention is that although I am writing mainly to men who play golf, this book should also be very beneficial to the women who love them. ?Even if you do not share his enthusiasm for the game, my hope is that it will help you better understand and respond to his passion for, obsession with, or addiction to golf by illuminating lessor known intricacies of the game, including some of the underlying reasons he loves to play.'






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0578139820 (ISBN13: 9780578139821)

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