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2021 . Fiction, Thrillers, Occult & Supernatural, Ghost, Horror . Rebecca Guy



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About the book

Donald closed his eyes, lifting his chin, and drawing his bushy white eyebrows together importantly. The table waited silently, the glass still. ‘It’s the girl,’ he finally said, ‘she’s here. She wants to communicate with you, Meredith. You lead.’ All eyes turned to Meredith, and she felt the camera train on her face. Heart hammering in her chest, her mind went instantly blank. She struggled to think of anything she was supposed to say. Get a grip, Meredith, you’re on camera. The girl wants to speak to you, so treat her like any other child. The only difference is that this one is dead. Just a minor detail, right? ‘OMG. Haunted was fantastic, I couldn’t put it down!’   Done with therapy and desperate for change, Meredith Knight fakes a parapsychology degree and takes a job as a presenter on a locational shoot in Scotland. Part respite from the constraints of caring for her alcoholic mother, part crash course in dealing with the dead, Meredith hopes to dampen her fear and gain the confidence to find out what her dead sister wants. Maybe then Eve will leave for good, and her mother can stay dry. Maybe then she can live a normal life. But as the pressure of the shoot increases, Meredith is left with far more questions than answers, and she struggles to grasp the truth she desperately needs. With her mother in a downward spiral at home, and Eve’s presence intensifying into a claustrophobic malevolence desperate for attention, Meredith is no longer frustrated, she begins to feel haunted, watched, and afraid. 800 miles from home, terrified and alone, Meredith begins to feel she has made a catastrophic mistake. Shadows seen from the corner of her eye, a sinister form that materialises behind the curtains, the reappearance of a childhood teddy bear she would rather forget, and unearthly voicemails left on her phone are setting her nerves on edge. As Eve’s horrifying story closes in there is no escape, Meredith is forced to deal with what really happened to her sister all those years ago. What she uncovers destroys the very foundation of her own dysfunctional childhood, and for the first time in her life she begins to question not only whether she can trust those around her, but whether she can trust herself.   ‘Haunted really had me gripped, I didn’t see the end coming.’






Purple Stag Creatives




191324105X (ISBN13: 9781913241056)

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