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Heal Yourself Forgive Yourself for Men

Heal Yourself Forgive Yourself for Men

2020 . Erika Ruiz



Heal Yourself Forgive Yourself for Men
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About the book

Most of us take healing for granted... until it eludes us. Then it becomes our top priority. Only then do we realize how difficult it can be! In this book I will guide you in a process on how to heal yourself and forgive yourself to find freedom from the deepest injuries and aches of life, the ones of the heart.Understanding forgiveness is never an easy task. But it is a way of setting yourself free. Forgiving is a real gift to yourself. It releases you from the past, negative thoughts, and experiences you have suffered, allowing you to live in the present moment. The sooner you accept yourself to be forgiven the sooner you will move on. In this book, Heal Yourself Forgive Yourself, you will learn ways to cope. Beware: your life will never be the same again after you start this journey of healing! Forgiving others, of course, but most importantly forgiving yourself first. Do not become a prisoner in your own mind. I forgave myself for allowing myself to believe I was not good enough. I let the actions of others steal my sunshine. You only get one life, so give yourself the gift of life, and accept forgiveness.






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