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Healing Is the New High

Healing Is the New High

2021 . Body, Mind & Spirit, Healing, Self-help, Personal Growth, Motivational & Inspirational . Vex King

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Healing Is the New High
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About the book


Achieve genuine inner healing, let go of trauma and find clarity, resilience and freedom with #1 Sunday Times bestselling author Vex King. Vex developed powerful inner healing techniques to help him break free from his troubled past, heal his emotional pain and trauma, and create a new and empowering belief system. Since then, he's helped thousands of people worldwide unlock their own healing journey. And now he's here to help you become your own healer too. Vex shares how to experience healing through the layers of the self, combining yogic principles and simple, accessible techniques for exceptional, long-lasting results. These transformative practices include: 路       Working with your body's energy 路       Exploring and raising your inner vibration 路       Creating positive relationships 路       Exploring your personal history and rewriting limiting beliefs 路       Uncovering your true self and reigniting your fire Taking charge of your inner healing is one of the greatest acts of self-love. By committing to this process and raising your vibration - the energy that courses through you and you radiate out into the world - you'll create space to welcome more joyful experiences into your life.






Hay House, Inc




140196124X (ISBN13: 9781401961244)

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