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Heroic Technical Writing

Heroic Technical Writing

2020 . Business & Economics, Business Writing . Bart Leahy




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Heroic Technical Writing

About the book


Are you an aspiring technical writer? Do you want to make a difference in your workplace and your life, pursuing a career you love? If so, Heroic Technical Writing: Making a Difference in the Workplace and Your Life was written for you."The original audience for this book was 22-year-old me," Leahy admits. "I didn't know a lot about how the business world worked fresh out of college. It contains all the advice I wish I'd gotten when I was young and looking for a writing job. This is stuff they don't teach you in the classroom."Addressed to students and young professionals interested in pursuing a career in technical communication, Heroic Technical Writing covers six major topics:1. Product - the documents tech writers produce2. Process - the business activities related to producing documents3. People and Politics - the interpersonal opportunities and challenges that can arise in a tech writing environment4. Professionalism - the behaviors necessary for getting along in a white-collar work environment5. Pursuing Work - the tools and insights needed to find tech writing jobs6. Protecting Yourself - the necessary skills no one talks about, including taking care of your physical and mental health, investing for the future, and retiringMid-career tech writers also will appreciate the book, as it addresses familiar professional challenges, including dealing with difficult people, handling unemployment mid-career, starting a freelance business, and planning for retirement. Leahy depicts the real work world as he's experienced it-warts and all.Why Heroic Technical Writing? "Heroic has two meanings for me," Leahy says. "As a 'heroic' writer, I want to provide prose that helps my customers' ideas succeed. As a heroic-minded person, I want to believe that my choices matter, and that those choices can make my goals a reality. I'd like my readers to have that same confidence."






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