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How to Be Happy Forever

How to Be Happy Forever

2013 . Joanna Boey



How to Be Happy Forever
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About the book

This book will change your life, it will change your entire attitude towards life. It is an antidote for bottled up anger, suppressed emotions, and stifled depression. It is the ultimate solution towards many social problems, such as violence, murders, and rampage gun killings. it is a prevention for many marital and family problems such as divorces, depression and even suicides-- the number one killer in all deaths in the world. If you follow these ten basic principles, I can almost guarantee you, you will be so happy without you even realizing it. It is like wearing a bullet proof vest, when stress and problems arises, you can shield them off quickly and easily. You will not harbor any ill feelings for a very long time. Prevention is better than cure. This book will help prevent you from saying or doing things you may regret later. You will be so happy, so enthusiastic about life, there will be no room and time for anger and revenge. You will have such a positive impact on everyone around you and if everyone were to practice these ten basic principles, it will have such a viscous cycle effect, it will make this world a much happier place to live in. You will rather be happy than angry because life is now so much more fun without you even trying or doing anything more. It is my hope and dream that this book will bring so much joy and happiness to everyone, we will really be able to live happily ever after, whether you are rich or poor....Dreams do come true.






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1547222905 (ISBN13: 9781547222902)

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