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Instant Wit

Instant Wit

Self-help, Communication & Social Skills, Creativity . The INSTANT-Series




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Instant Wit
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About the book

The Instant-Series Presents "Instant Wit" How to Be Witty and Come Up with the Right Things to Say Instantly! Surely you've encountered (or even know) that one particular individual in your life who seems to be able to pull "something witty to say" at the drop of a hat that knocks everyone's socks off - by generating the perfect responses for the perfect moment, cracking unexpected jokes making people laugh, or bantering witty one-liner comments with their endless repertoire of repartees. So who is this Mr./Ms. Witty? You're scratching your head dumbfounded, yet in impressive in the world do they do it, and deep down secretly wanting to be like them. Who doesn't, right? Who wouldn't love to be admired, respected, and worshipped for their charming clever wit? Yet, it's much more than that. By being witty, you can always come up with the right things to say, at the right time in expressing yourself clearly, concisely, and convincingly at an instant with few short words (no more, no less) that establishes more authority, credibility, and trust. That's the power of having a razor-sharp wit! If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the wit is sharper than the knife. However, let's be honest, being witty doesn't always come naturally, especially for those who are less creative and more logical-prone. The good news is, your wit is like your muscle, and like any muscle, it can be trained and built up...all without needing to memorize any line by knowing a few structures and formulas to guide how to generate your responses. Within "Instant Wit":* How to use this "twister technique" to prepare yourself on what you should say, when the exact moment occurs for your quick comeback. * How to strengthen your creative wit to banter witty one-liners with another person, for good fun or quick laugh. * How to cut down any opponent with your razor-sharp wit, so they won't dare mess with you ever again. * How to take whatever response you get and absorb it, to think of and respond back with the appropriate words. * How to use your clever wit to think fast on your feet during tough situation, to handle it properly for the best outcome. * Plus, custom practical "how-to" strategies, techniques, applications and exercises to improve your wittiness. ...and much more. Don't be quick-witted. Become the king/queen of your wit by developing a razor-sharp wit to be reckon with. Respect the wit!




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