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2020 . Mekeri Crutsky



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About the book

Islam is unique among all religions. This is the only religion that is still as pure, as false, as violent, and as fanatic as it was when it was propounded by Muhammad about 1400 years ago. Unlike other religions, there has been no change or growth in Islam. This is because they believe that Allah has made the Quran perfect and Muhammad the last final messenger. So, obviously, there cannot be any scope for improvement in Islam!The consequences of Islam are seen by all of us today: almost all terrorist activities worldwide are committed by Muslims; all Islamic nations violate human rights of the minorities; all of them are continuing their war with the non-Muslim world to convert them to Islam by internal subversion of democratic institutions, high birth rate, illegal or legal immigration, propagation of hatred against non-Muslims in mosques and direct/indirect support for terrorist activities, etc.After 9/11, a lot of study of Islam was undertaken, especially in the US by several scholars. The conclusions of this study have been published in several books, whose authors have rightly challenged the view that Islam is a peaceful religion. They have demonstrated, with direct quotes from the Quran and Hadiths, that Islam is an extremely violent religion and that terrorism is an integral part of Islam itself.However, these pioneering studies have two major flaws: first, they highlight only the violent aspects of Islam without understanding the philosophical reasons why Islam is so violent; secondly, they do not offer any actionable solution to eliminate terrorism/Islam. This book attempts to fill up these gaps in our understanding of Islam.This book demonstrates that terrorism cannot be stopped by the current war on terror, as it does not address the root cause of terrorism, which is Islam itself. You kill or capture 5 terrorists, Islam produces 100 new terrorists! Quran and Hadiths are manuals of terror. So, unless they are banned, terrorism cannot stop. However, I must clarify that I am against Islam, not against Muslims. I believe that Muslims, too, are the victims of Islam. From day 1, they are brainwashed to think that the Quran is infallible and that it has been created by Allah. Most Muslims want peace and brotherhood with the rest of the world. But Islam would not let them believe in and work for peace. They are pushed towards hating fellow humans by the Quran and Hadiths continuously. Because of their conditioning, few Muslims dare to challenge the hate-mongering Islamic religious texts, even though they long for peace.So, in my view, the solution lies in nudging Muslims toward understanding the false and violent character of Islam and motivating them to challenge it. We need to explain to them the hard scientific facts that conclusively prove several tenets of Islam to be false. We need to show them how and why the hatred advocated by Islam against others is based on false presumptions. In short, we must educate Muslims with facts, logic, and love. We should never condemn them, just as we do not condemn a sick person. Islam is a virus. Anyone infected by it becomes mentally sick and starts hating all non-Muslims. We need to treat the infected people, rather than condemn them. We must kill the virus to save the sick.This book is an attempt to put these ideas in a consistent, coherent, logical, and facts-based vision and apply this vision to solve the problems created by Islam.In this book, I have examined why Muhammad propounded Islam in the first place, how he philosophically justified what he believed, how almost all his beliefs are false and full of contradictions, and how violence/terrorism logically follows from his beliefs. I have also given a realistic solution to eliminate Islam with the least possible violence.






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