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Jasmin's Billionaire

Jasmin's Billionaire

2020 . Sookh Kaur



Jasmin's Billionaire
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About the book

In my first meeting with Will Bennet, I drip paint all over his Hugo Boss suit. Jasmin Sandhu at it again. Lowly painter ruins gorgeous Hollywood producer's thousand dollar outfit. He better not fire me because I need the money. I'll say yes to anything... Even Will Bennet when he offers me a side job: Babysit his troubled brother in return for extra cash. It's only for a few days. Easy, right? Except, his brother has a secret that could ruin their entire family. As an over-achieving, open-hearted Punjabi it's practically my duty to help others so how can I stay out of it? Although being around Will makes my brain go fuzzy. Turns out he might be having the same issue with me. The sexy Hollywood billionaire is interested in solving my long-standing orgasm problem. It's only temporary, a one-time fling. I have a different future planned out so my heart has to be protected at all costs. (Well, that's the idea anyway...) One thing is certain: Paint or no paint, things are about to get messy.






Independently Published



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